Spirit: forge ahead in unity, do business honestly, pursue excellence, contribute to society
Management Policy: people oriented, scientific management, pragmatism & efficiency, standard operation
Business Philosophy: be guided by market, regard customers as God; survive by quality, regard win-win situation as goal
Management Method: perfect system, clear rights and responsibilities, combined stimulation and restriction
Work Focus: ensure safety and quality, increase output value and benefits
Development Idea: revitalize the enterprise through science and technology, extend connotation, create stronger and bigger Guopeng brand
Culture: the core responsibility of the enterprise is to create benefit and pay more tax; the enterprise needs to solve more employment problems and lets more people exert their personal value; the enterprise needs to make employees feel the warmth of the team while getting due rewards, and improve their personal value through training, working and learning; the enterprise needs to contribute to society construction (environmental protection); and the enterprise needs to repay and dedicate the society (public benefit activities) as much as possible. Guopeng people prove their own ideas and philosophies through behaviors.
Everyone will involuntarily embrace the same dream and undertake the same mission after entering the big family of Guopeng. Guopeng’s dream is to become an international first-class national enterprise. Guopeng’s mission is to serve and repay the society. Today, let the dream shine into reality and the torch of dream burn in our heart to light our future.
Guopeng always regards team culture as the core of enterprise culture, and periodically or aperiodically organizes all kinds of mass recreational activities and knowledge contests to let Guopeng employees reflect their value and cultivate their taste in all kinds of activities and cultivate their united, harmonious and positive spirit so as to enhance its cohesion.


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